The Library, Museums, and Press (hereafter referred to as the Library) are fundamental to ensuring the realization of the University of Delaware’s goals and aspirations. We, the Library staff, honor the accomplishments of the Library’s past while embracing the possibilities of the future. The University of Delaware Library staff cultivates and stewards the Library’s collections, both tangible and digital, and makes these collections broadly accessible to best serve the University of Delaware and the global community. We support and facilitate teaching, research, and scholarship, and actively contribute to the success of our community members. We use a process of continual assessment and adjustment to achieve our goals and strategic directions.


The Library inspires the intellectual, scholarly, and creative achievement of University and global communities with expert staff, excellent service, dynamic learning spaces, and access to diverse collections and information resources.


The Library is the intellectual and interdisciplinary hub of the University. We partner with the campus and the community for scholarly and creative endeavors. We support the University’s efforts to have a positive impact on the community and offer innovative solutions to global problems.


The Library is a user-centered organization that values student success, impactful scholarship, creative achievement, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We foster an environment of respect, integrity, and transparency. Our staff is committed to continuous learning, innovation, operational effectiveness, and building a culture of inclusion.


Each of the Library’s strategic directions rests upon the interconnected foundations of inclusive excellence, organizational effectiveness, and user experience. To provide superior user experience, the Library must be guided by effective internal organization that is inclusive, adaptive, and actively supports continuous learning. None of these foundational principles can be successful without the others.

  1. Inclusive Excellence

    The Library recognizes and celebrates the diversity of staff, students, faculty, and the broader community. We welcome, respect, and respond to the contributions of all.

  2. Organizational Effectiveness

    Our organization is transparent and built on strong and effective communication. We foster an environment of collegiality and teamwork. The Library cultivates a respectful and inclusive work environment that empowers staff and values input from all employees. Data analysis is used to drive decision-making and responsible resource allocation.

  3. User Experience

    We enhance discovery of the Library’s tangible and digital services, collections, and resources. We create environments conducive to learning and collaboration. We continually assess library activities and services to plan for future improvements.