Proxify Button

There may be a need to reauthenticate via the Web Proxy server. Therefore, it might be more convenient to put the desktop Proxify Button on a web browser’s toolbar. This button can be used at any time to access restricted resources. When viewing a web page that requires use of proxy service, click the Proxify button in the web browser’s toolbar.

In November 2014, a new desktop ‘proxify’ button was created. In order to utilize this new button, the UD Proxify button should be removed from the the browser’s toolbar and reinstalled.

Proxify button & iOS

The desktop proxy button does not utilize Java, but it utilizes JavaScript. Javascript is supported on iOS, but the method for calling the script cannot be made to work like the desktop version due to architectural decisions in iOS. In response to this issue, Library Information Technology has developed a method PDF to allow similar functionality as the desktop proxify button on iOS.

To install the Desktop Proxify Button:

    1. Make sure that Javascript is enabled in the preferred web browser.
    2. Make sure that the browser’s toolbar is visible and unlocked.
    3. Click and drag the link below onto the web browser’s toolbar.