Learn how to leverage multimedia for success.


Student Multimedia Design Center (SMDC) and Multimedia Literacy

Are you interested in developing a multimedia assignment for your class? At the Student Multimedia Design Center, we collaborate with instructors to design assignments focused on multimodal expression. We can provide your students with an orientation to the SMDC to ensure they are aware of the available resources as well as a hands-on workshop to gain experience with new software. Instructors working with the SMDC can feel confident that their students are receiving the instruction and support needed to create successful multimedia projects.

Digital Scholarship

Digital scholarship services support students and faculty in (1) implementing and sustaining quality digital projects that help answer research questions through consultation, instruction, and limited development support, and (2)  learning how to understand and use digital scholarship tools, methods, and modes of analysis. If you are interested in having students explore web publishing, text analysis, digital mapping, and online exhibit-building, we invite you to reach out to Monica McCormick.

Film & Video

The Library provides access to over 25,000 videos on Blu-ray, DVD, and legacy formats, as well as to licensed eVideo collections.  Whether you need assistance making use of these technologies, or are looking to explore the rich content available, the Film & Video Collection can help by providing the space and technology for classes of 49 or fewer students to view media, and instruction on how to navigate DELCAT and streaming media databases to find audio-visual materials that will enhance your students’ learning and research.  Film & Video also provides a media scheduling service that will allow you to reliably incorporate physical media into your syllabus.