Overdue Library Materials

Borrowers are individually responsible for keeping track of due dates and for returning or renewing library material by the date due. Recalled items are due on the recall due date. Borrowing privileges are suspended if ten or more items are overdue or if a recalled item is not returned by the recall due date.

All fees are assessed consistently. If library material is not returned or renewed by the sixtieth day after the due date, the borrower is charged a replacement fee. An invoice processing fee is also charged. If a billed item is returned undamaged, the replacement fee is waived. Processing fees are not waived, since the library has already incurred the cost of processing. (For further details on borrower responsibility for damaged library materials, please see the “Damaged Library Materials” section on this page.)

Library Material Replacement Costs
Minimum replacement Fee (Refundable if the item is promptly returned.) $60.00
Non-refundable Invoice Processing Fee $10.00
Total Minimum Replacement charge $70.00