Use of Bulletin Boards in the Commons

Following University policy as established in the University of Delaware Policies and Procedures Manual, bulletin boards in University buildings and on the campus are intended for notices and other materials related to the program and goals of the University. Normally, commercial advertisements, promotions, etc., are not to be displayed on these bulletin boards. The Vice Provost for Libraries or a designee reserves the right to remove materials deemed inappropriate.

Library guidelines regarding items posted on the Commons bulletin boards in the Morris Library are as follows:

  1. Each item should be dated.
  2. Only one copy of an item is to be posted in the Commons.
  3. Outdated materials are to be removed by the sponsoring organization or individual.
  4. All Commons bulletin boards will be cleared of dated materials periodically and will be cleared of all materials regularly after the completion of a semester or term.

Approved by
Library Executive Council
April 24, 1989

Revision Approved by
Library Executive Council
August 30, 2005